As much as you plan for something, sometimes things just don't pan out like you hope. This is exactly what happened with our Fort Nelson workshop that was supposed to be this Friday.

Due to lack of interest in Fort Nelson, we have a decided to postpone the workshop. The new date for the workshop will be April 14, 2011.

I know the team here is recuperating from yesterday's workshop. I think we were all fairly beat by the ended of the day as we celebrated the end of Movember at Egan's.

I can safely say we didn't know what to expect when we decided to put on this workshop. It had never been done in Fort St John before and is such a new medium that we didn't know if we would get any interest. What we did know is that we had the passion for it and a passion to help educate anyone who would listen about Social Media, and the tools that can be used.

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