Hello form the little Northeastern BC community of Fort Nelson. It is true, Motion Media, is here and helping attendees harness the power of Social Media, specifically Twitter.

It is probably no surprise to many that Twitter is a very powerful tool at a conference. The big conferences in the industry have come to use twitter to extent their conferences. Big ones like Drupalcon, Wordcamp, BC Chamber of Commerce AGM and so on have successfully use twitter.

Last week at some point I watched an interview with Social Media Speaker, Jay Baer, who talked about where Social Media is today. He said very clearly "it is not so much should we do social media, but rather how do we do social media." I thought this couldn't be more wrong for Northern BC.

One question that arises when I start praising Social Media to the millions is "when will I find the time". It seems a lot of people have busy lives and that is completely understandable, but I also think that when running a business you should make time for Social Media as it can be one of you best marketing tools.

I'm not going to drill the point here today, I have done that enough already. What I do want to share with you is a slight case study, or an observation I made earlier.

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