A Time Lapse video is compiled of several photos of the same frame over a certain amount of time. Sounds complex, but is really not.

Some might say that a rig in a field is an eyesore, but it's actually quite the opposite. Adding the element of a rig tower in a beautiful field of yellow canola really is a photographers dream; the tower draws the eye and the canola and blue sky lend an element of nature to the shot.

The South Peace is filled with those types of shots. Take a drive down a back road between Fort St John and Dawson Creek and you'll see the hidden beauty of the Peace that some might miss when driving up the Alaska Highway.

At Motion Media one of the things we offer outside of web development and print work, is photography. Both Andrew and I bring our own set of skills to the table and between the two of us we can cover almost anything. Lately though I have been doing a lot of Real Estate Photography, and although you wouldn't think much goes into this type of photography, there is more than meets the eye. Below are some of the things that go into capturing a home.

It is that time of year again! Here at Motion Media we're gearing up to publish the 2011 Fort St. John & Area Community Guide. Which means we need photos of Fort St. John & Area. We know there are lots of great shots out there, but we just don't have time to get out there ourselves, which is why we need your help. Whether you are a pro or an amateur photographer, we are interested in what you got. We pay $40 per photo selected for the magazine.

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