Here we are at the end of the series. To finish off we have the head honcho, Andrew, explaining what he learned at Drupalcon.

His explanation isn't really what he learned though, more of a reflection of what he observed at Drupalcon. Andrew leads a web development company that exclusively uses Drupal and has so since 2007. To make the decision to use only one Content Management System can be a big step, so for Andrew to see how strong the Drupal Community was at Drupalcon really give him the assurance Motion Media is on the right track.

You know a person is brilliant when they choose their words carefully and that is exactly what Mike does. It's Brilliant. He started with Motion Media in October of 2010 with very limited knowledge of Drupal and since then has learned and absorbed so much. I have never seen someone learn so quickly and understand the complexities of Drupal in such a short time..

Seeing Mike at Drupalcon was like seeing puzzle pieces click into place. So below in a few short words is what Mike learned at Drupalcon.

Martin is our Software Engineer. He is the man behind all of the technical parts of Motion Media. Whether it be maintaining servers, managing domains or building websites with functionality you could never imagine, he knows what he is doing and does it well.

Like I mentioned on Dayna's post on, I was not expecting such amazing responses and Martin's response was one of them. Below you'll read a fine craft piece of literature written by Martin on what he learned at Drupalcon Chicago.

Steven is the longest Motion Media employee and at the moment the furthest away. In the time I have worked at Motion Media I have only seen Steven on two occasions, which is truly unfortunate. As our Web Designer, Steven does a lot of the theming for our websites as well as the initial design. He is a man of much knowledge and here is what he learned at Drupalcon Chicago.

To start off our "What I learned at Drupalcon" series I thought we'd start off with a bang. When I asked around the office for a short blurb on what we learned at Drupalcon I was not expecting such great, thought out, responses. So today we'll start off with Dayna.

While at Drupalcon it was obvious that Dayna was getting a lot out of the conference. At the ended of each day we'd all get together and share and you could just tell she had so many new and exciting ideas.

It has been just over a week since Drupalcon Chicago ended and what fun it was. There were six of us from the Motion Media Team that attended the conference and from the sounds of it we all had a good time and learned a lot.

As some of you very well know we here at Motion Media use a open source content management system call Drupal, to build our websites. It is a pretty advanced piece of software, one that I'm still learning. Thanks to our great developer Martin, though, I am learning, but for now I will stick with being the Social Media and blogging extraordinaire.

The reason I bring up learning Drupal today is because tomorrow 6 members of our team, 3 from Fort St John, will be heading to Chicago for this years Drupal Conference or better known as Drupalcon.

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