South Peace Beauty Scenes

Some might say that a rig in a field is an eyesore, but it's actually quite the opposite. Adding the element of a rig tower in a beautiful field of yellow canola really is a photographers dream; the tower draws the eye and the canola and blue sky lend an element of nature to the shot.

The South Peace is filled with those types of shots. Take a drive down a back road between Fort St John and Dawson Creek and you'll see the hidden beauty of the Peace that some might miss when driving up the Alaska Highway.

Last week Andrew and I, along with Mike, couldn't resist getting out there and capturing some of the beauty. We set out at roughly 5pm from Fort St John and started south. Upon passing through Farmington, we got off the highway and started heading towards Rolla, making many stops along the way. As the sun was only just above the horizon, the sky was a nice blue with out any over-exposure. It was a wonderful evening for shooting, the only other element that would have topped it off would have been a few more clouds.

Collectively, we captured 900 photos on the shoot and so far I have reduced it down to only a couple hundred. We don't have any specific projects in mind for these photos, but chances are you will see them around in the coming year. If you are interested in using them, just give us a ring.

South Peace Agriculture

South Peace Agriculture  South Peace Photography

South Peace Photography

South Peace Photography  South Peace Photography

South Peace Photography


To see the rest of the photos from the South Peace we have put online, check out our Flickr Set here.

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