Google Plus, the good and the bad

Alright, I have spent sometime now with Google+, Andrew and I also talked about it here and I have heard from many of you about what you like about it and what you don't. Google+ isn't public for everyone yet, so if you aren't in yet don't worry, you'll be able to try it out soon.

There are many things that I and others really like about Google+ (G+). Its simplistic layout being one, there are no ads trying to draw in your attention - although that may come - and it is a clean look with content spaced out for ease of reading.

Many have also mentioned the genuine discussion being created on G+. It could be said that if you were to combine Facebook's commenting system with Twitter conversations you'd get a G+ discussion. An easily readable discussion in one place amongst many people who can all see each others comments. This is different from Twitter as nothing gets missed and better than Facebook because your conversation can or cannot be limited by who you are connected with by using Circles.

Circles is another benefit some would say about G+. The ability to categories people into groups. This works in two ways, the first is you can then easily jump from Circle to Circle and see what people are saying there, without everyone else your connected with. For example it comes with Friends, Family and Acquaintances. So if you were to select anyone of those streams you would only see the posts by people in those Circles. The other way this works is you can limit who can see your posts by selecting only certain Circles, All Circles, Public, etc. This is great for those who only want to share certain things with certain people. Yes, Facebook can also now do something similar, but are you really going to go back and categories your 200+ friends, probably not. That is why Google is hoping it will draw people in with this feature right off the bat.

We have mentioned the good or at least the interesting, but what about the bad. Many people and by this I mean most, are finding that the people they follow on G+ are often the same as who they follow on Twitter and even Facebook, but not only that, these people are posting the same across all three networks. This is bringing many to not see the true potential in G+ and just go back to what they are used to.

Many also think that at the current moment the only thing keeping G+ alive is the tech savvy hype. Most using G+ currently are early adaptors and there are some sceptics that believe that G+ wont be able to stand once it goes public and the hype dies.

The final the aspect that really puts a damper on my G+ experience is no mobile iPhone app. *Edit: turns out they actually have made an app but Apple hasn't approved it yet. Sure I understand that Google wants to promote its own Andriod mobile platform, but if they want the masses to use G+ they need to cross-platform. I would guess I use Twitter and Facebook 50% of the time from my iPhone, so I'm suggesting that I'm only using G+ 50% of what I could be.

To conclude, there are many features that makes G+ a very interesting platform, one which I hope to adapt more. There are although many aspects of it currently that can deter a person rather quickly. What do you think? Have you had the opportunity to test out this Google Product yet?


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