Facebook Deals comes to Canada

Back in September Facebook launched Places, a built in feature that allows you to check-in to places you visit. The feature is much like Foursquare, the stand along social network based on checking-in to venues.

What Foursquare did to entice people to check-in was to reward the most frequent visiter by making a deal with that venue. It other words, you check-in the most (become mayor) you get a discount of some sort.

Of course Facebook also had to jump on this bandwagon and launch what they call Deals. It is a similar idea, you check-in enough times you get a Deal or discount. This in turn entices you to check-in on Facebook more often, go to the store more often and overall spend more at that place.

Well today Facebook launched Deals in Canada. They announced it in a blog post (Facebook Note) early this morning and also listed where people can find current Deals. Upon the list you'll see places like H&M, Indigo, Town Shoes and Garage. None of these places sound familiar to someone who lives in Northern BC or Northern Canada for that matter. In fact the only Deal that might be available up here is one at a Telus Dealer, but it even says "participating stores only" right on it, so I wouldn't get my hopes up for a free iPhone 3Gs upon signing a 3 year contract.

What they do state though is, that eventually local businesses will be able to create their own Deals, in which case will open up Northern Canada to the Social Game.

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