Facebook continues to change!

Facebook is change again, so be ready. These aren't big changes, but changes that Facebook thinks will help with your Facebook experience.

Some will say many of the Facebook changes are in retaliation to the popularity of Google+ over the last couple weeks. This may be true, but Facebook does have the users and from what I can tell these are positive additions to the site.

Lets break it up:

Revamped Friend Lists

Facebook has always had lists, but they have tried to make it easier for users to create, edit and use them. In fact Facebook will not auto-make some lists for you. They also have 3 primary lists, Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted, each with a different level of accessibility to what people see and what you see.

Like Google+ users now have the ability to only see status from certain lists, but also the ability to excluded or only include certain lists to your status. 

Subscribe Button

What this means is, if you enable the Subscribe button, any of the status' or posts you make that are public will show up timeline of those who subscribe to you. Basically that is like Circling someone on Google+ or Following someone on Twitter.

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Top News vs. Recent News

This is something many frequent Facebook Fans have been hoping for, for a long, or at least I have been . If you go to Facebook many times a day, Facebook will pick this up and show you the most recent news. If you only check it once a week (or long periods at a time) you will see the top news. 

By doing this, they are hoping to streamline users engagement on the site and only show them the content they want to see.

New Ticker

This is one feature I'm not sure about, but from my understanding it will be a column on the right that shows your friends posts as they happen.

Facebook plans to help you have "live" conversation as they happen. That being said, I am against the column look, so I don't think I will like this one.

You can read all about Facebook's new features on their blog post found here. I have also attached a video to this post from Facebook.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I'm curious to know what people who don't use Facebook as often as I do think of the changes.

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