BC Oil and Gas Conference here we are

Hello form the little Northeastern BC community of Fort Nelson. It is true, Motion Media, is here and helping attendees harness the power of Social Media, specifically Twitter.

It is probably no surprise to many that Twitter is a very powerful tool at a conference. The big conferences in the industry have come to use twitter to extent their conferences. Big ones like Drupalcon, Wordcamp, BC Chamber of Commerce AGM and so on have successfully use twitter.

Not only is using twitter beneficial for those at the conference, but also those who couldn't make it. So attendees of the conference can keep up with other things that are going on in other session and those who aren't at the conference can follow along and keep up-to-date. Twitter has bridged a gap that will help educate many people and it is time that Northeastern BC adapted this mentality.

That is what we are trying to do here at the BC Oil and Gas Conference this week, educate people about Twitter and how it can be beneficial in many lines of work.

Oh yeah, seeing Rex Murphy speak last night was just an amazing bonus. Thanks also to Judy of Footprint Management for inviting us up to Fort Nelson.

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